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T & As, Monsey, New York
T Backs, Lake Charles, Louisiana
T Backs Club, Daleville, Alabama
T Barz, Surrey, British Columbia
Tabarca Club, Genova, Italy
Tabares, Acapulco,
Tabaris Club, Lima,
Taboo, La Habra, California
Taboo (Gay), Montreal, Quebec
Taboo Cabaret, Tampa, Florida
Taboo Gentlemans Club, Arcadia, California
Taboo Gentlemens Club, Anaheim, California
Taboo Gentlemens Club, San Diego, California
Tabu, Hamburg, Germany
Tabu, Nuevo Laredo,
Tabu, Santo Domingo,
Tabu Night Life, Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Tabu Topless Cabaret, Tulsa, Oklahoma
Tacchi a Spillo, Canneto Pavese, Italy
Tahiti - Bar and Tabledance, Stuttgart, Germany
Tahoe Lounge, Columbus, Ohio
Tail Gators, Norfolk, Virginia
Tail Spins, West Columbia, South Carolina
Tailfeathers, Rancho Cordova, California
Taix, Francavilla a Mare, Italy
Taj Mahal, Norfolk, Virginia
Take It Easy, Bochum, Germany
Take One Lounge, Miami, Florida
Talent Show, Edison, New Jersey
Talk of the Town, Camden, New Jersey
Talk of the Town, Las Vegas, Nevada
Tammys Playpen, Meadville, Pennsylvania
Tamyko Club, Nuevo Laredo,
Tan Fannies, Panama City, Florida
Tanga Club, Ljubljana, Slovenia
Tanga Lounge, Tampa, Florida
Tango India, La Uruca, San Jose
Tangos Gentlemens Club, Spring Hill, Kansas
Target, Formigine, Italy
Tassels, Thompson, North Dakota
Tassles, Corpus Christi, Texas
Taste Entertainment, Chicago, Illinois
Taste of Honey, Hempstead, New York
Tattle Tails, Kilgore, Texas
Tattle Tails, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Tattle Tale, Irvington, New Jersey
Tattle Tales, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Tattle Tales Gentlemens Club, Bowling Green, Kentucky
Tattle Tales South, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Tattle Tales Too, Levittown, Pennsylvania
Tattletails, Sparrows Point, Maryland
Tattletales, Charlotte, North Carolina
Tattletales, Clearwater, Florida
Tattletales Lounge, Atlanta, Georgia
Tauru, xtapa,
Taurus, Ponte Curone, Italy
Tawandas Strip Club & Fish Fry, Hickory, North Carolina
TDs Showclub, Albuquerque, New Mexico
TDs Showclub East, Tucson, Arizona
TDs Showclub North, Albuquerque, New Mexico
TDs Showclub West, Tucson, Arizona
Tea House of the Dancing Lady, Sandusky, Ohio
Team Mates, Beaumont, Texas
Teaser, Springfield, Missouri
Teasers, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Teasers, Columbia, South Carolina
Teasers, Deer Park, New York
Teasers, Glen Morgan, West Virginia
Teasers, Hudson, Florida
Teasers, Kittanning, Pennsylvania
Teasers, Manchester, United Kingdom
Teasers, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Teasers, Phoenix, Arizona
Teasers, Statesville, North Carolina
Teasers, Three Forks, Montana
Teasers, Tyler, Texas
Teasers, Utica, New York
Teasers, Wilmington, North Carolina
Teasers Burlesque Palace, Winnipeg, Manitoba
Teasers Cabaret, Savannah, Georgia
Teasers Club, Sioux City, Iowa
Teasers Exotic Dancers, Stratford, Wisconsin
Teasers of Goldsboro, Goldsboro, North Carolina
Teasers of Key West, Key West, Florida
Teasers Palace, Carlisle, Iowa
Teasers Palace & Mens Club, Durham, North Carolina
Teasers Show Bar, Cleveland, Ohio
Teasers Show Bar, Warner Robins, Georgia
Teasers Showbar, South Bend, Indiana
Teasers, A Gentlemens Club, Flint, Michigan
Teatrino Story (was Blondie Fans Club), Calolziocorte, Italy
Teazers, Tampa, Florida
Teazers Gentlemens Club, Killeen, Texas
Teddies, Bridgeport, Connecticut
Teddy Bares, Meridian, Mississippi
Teddy Bares, Wichita, Kansas
Teddy Bear, Gastonia, North Carolina
Tee Cees {?Closed?}, Scranton, Pennsylvania
Teesers, Dublin, Ireland
Teesers, Dublin, Ireland
Teezers, Erie, Pennsylvania
Teezers Cafe, Hartford, Connecticut
Teezers Lounge, Evansville, Indiana
Temple, Riga, Latvia
Temptation, Bucharest, Romania
Temptations, Charlotte, North Carolina
Temptations, Davenport, Iowa
TEMPTATIONS, Fort Worth, Texas
Temptations, Kansas City, Missouri
Temptations, London, United Kingdom
Temptations, Marysville, California
Temptations, New Orleans, Louisiana
Temptations, Orlando, Florida
Temptations, Passaic, New Jersey
Temptations, Plymouth, United Kingdom
Temptations, Portland, Oregon
Temptations Gentlemens Club, Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin
Temptations of Palm Beach, West Palm Beach, Florida
Tender Trap, Buffalo, New York
Tender Trap, Huntington, New York
Tennyson Lounge, Bethel Park, Pennsylvania
Tens Gentlemens Club, Tucson, Arizona
Tens Show Club, Salisbury, Massachusetts
Tens Showclub, San Diego, California
Tens Totally Nude Lounge, San Diego, California
Tentation Club, Vicenza, Italy
Tequila Sunrise, El Paso, Texas
Teris Social Club, East Spencer, North Carolina
Terraço Club Privê, São Paulo,
Terris, Charleston, West Virginia
Tessera, Athens, Greece
Tetéa, São Paulo,
Texas Cabaret, Fort Worth, Texas
Texas Dolls, Houston, Texas
Texas Gold, Corpus Christi, Texas
Texas Jays Club 94, Kenosha, Wisconsin
Texas Showgirls Cabaret, Dallas, Texas
Texas Sugars, Pasadena, Texas
Texas Topless, Dallas, Texas
Texas Two-Step, Turbotville, Pennsylvania
Tex-Mex Lounge, Edinburg, Texas
Tex-Mex Lounge, McAllen, Texas
Thads, San Diego, California
That Club, Hialeah, Florida
The All Max Male Review, Fort Erie, Ontario
The Amnesia Night Club, Antwerp, Belgium
The Anchorage Club, Trinidad, Trinidad
The Arena, Warsaw, Poland
The Aviary Bar and Gentlemens Club, Leicester, United Kingdom
The Babylon Club, Modena, Italy
The Bar, Midland, Ontario
The Barley Mow, London, United Kingdom
The Beach, Winnipeg, Manitoba
The BeachClub, Enschede, Netherlands
The Best, Codroipo, Italy
The Best, San Salvador,
The Big Apple, Vienna, Austria
The Big Easy, Calgary, Alberta
The Bird Nest, San Salvador,
The Boat, Monroe, Louisiana
The Body Shop, Kokomo, Indiana
The Body Shop, Rock Island, Illinois
The Boot Pub (at Shoestring Lodge), Whistler, British Columbia
The Brickhouse, Springfield, Oregon
The Bunny Ranch, Moundhouse, Nevada
The Cabaret, Bellebille, Ontario
The Campagne Club, Reykjavik, Iceland
The Castle, Bowmanville, Ontario
The Cave, Chelmsford, United Kingdom
The Champagne Room, Phoenix, Arizona
The Chicken Ranch, Mullingar, Ireland
The Chicken Ranch, Newbridge, Ireland
The Chicken Ranch Brothel, Pahrump, Nevada
The Club, Melbourne, Victoria
The Cotton Club, St. Johns, Newfoundland
The CW, Akron, Ohio
The Diamond Star, Essen, Germany
The Doll House, Austin, Texas
The Doll House, Hamburg, Germany
The Dolls House, Christchurch,
The Fan, Redmond, Oregon
The Firm Corporate Club, Adelaide, South Australia
The Fox Showroom Pub, Victoria, British Columbia
The Foxes Den (Male), Hamilton, Ontario
The French Maid, Calgary, Alberta
The Furnace, Birmingham, Alabama
The Gallery, Winterhaven, California
The Gentlemens Club, Winnipeg, Manitoba
The Gentlemens Kingdom Club, Pahrump, Nevada
The Globe Bar, Nanaimo, British Columbia
The Go-Go, Belleville, Ontario
The Gold Club, Manhattan, New York
The Gold Club, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
The Gold Club, Wilmington, Delaware
The Gold Finger, Montego Bay,
The Golden Rod, East Liverpool, Ohio
The Great Escape Club, Cork, Ireland
The Grind, Detroit, Michigan
The Guest, Brussels, Belgium
The Honey Pot, Reading, United Kingdom
The Honey Pot Bar, Maidenhead, United Kingdom
The Jungle Cage, Hormigueros, Puerto Rico
The Jungle Exotic Cabaret, Nanaimo, British Columbia
The Landing Strip, North Charleston, South Carolina
The Loft {Closed}, Calgary, Alberta
The Lotos Club, Belgrade, Serbia
The Lounge, Mississauga, Ontario
The Love, Anvers Sud, Belgium
The Marcellinos Grote, Halle Booienhoven, Belgium
The Mens Club, Guatemala City,
The Men's Club, Mexico City,
The Mens Club Guadalajara, Guadalajara,
The Metropole Nightclub, Belgrade, Serbia
The New Beauty, Schoten, Belgium
The New Viking, Tumon, Guam
The Oasis, Smithtown, New York
The Office, Canton, Ohio
The Office, Monkey Island, Oklahoma
The Office, Paris, Tennessee
The Office Gentlemens Club, Lincoln, Nebraska
The Other Place, Pointe de la Croix, Quebec
The Other Side, Fitchburg, Massachusetts
The Palace, Adelaide, South Australia
The Palace (Male for Women), Thorold, Ontario
The Palace Club, Birmingham, Alabama
The Palace of Kalamazoo, Kalamazoo, Michigan
The Penthouse, Vancouver, British Columbia
The Penthouse Club, Köln, Germany
The Phantasy Club, Blackpool, United Kingdom
The Pink Pony, Memphis, Tennessee
The Plantation, Westlake, Louisiana
The Platinum, Hillsborough, North Carolina
The Platinum Room, Maho Village,
The Play Pen, Ogden, Utah
The Playhouse, Council Bluffs, Iowa
The Playmate Ranch, Mina, Nevada
The Playpen, Manhattan, New York
The Prince Of Wales 2, London, United Kingdom
The Rocket Club, Birmingham, United Kingdom
The Runway {?Closed?}, Ronkonkoma, New York
The Safari, Hamburg, Germany
The Sapphire Club, Dublin, Ireland
The Seville Club, Minneapolis, Minnesota
The Sheriff, Georgetown,
The Snakes Kiss, Busto Garolfo, Italy
The Speakeasy, Calgary, Alberta
The Spotlight, Calgary, Alberta
The Spread Eagle, London, United Kingdom
The Station Hotel, Welland, Ontario
The Sugar Shack, Clarion, Pennsylvania
The Sundowner, Niagara Falls, Ontario
The Time Gap, Blackpool, United Kingdom
The Torch, South Bend, Indiana
The White Horse, High Wycombe, United Kingdom
The White House, Auckland,
The Whites, Rotterdam, Netherlands
The Windmill, London, United Kingdom
Theatre Chochotte, Paris, France
Theatre Club 124, Paris, France
Theatre Emeraude Show, Paris, France
Theatre Erotique, Nice, France
Theatre Folies Pigalle, Paris, France
Theatre French Lovers, Paris, France
Theatre Le Figaro, Paris, France
Theatre Lolita, Paris, France
Theatre Love Theatre, Paris, France
Theatre Madison Show, Paris, France
Theatre Paris Folies, Paris, France
Theatre Show Girls, Paris, France
Theatre Strip Show, Paris, France
Thee Body Shoppe, Lansing, Illinois
Thee Club Ritz, Louisville, Kentucky
Thee Diamond Club, Hilton Head Island, South Carolina
Thee Diamond Royale, Canton, Ohio
Thee Doll House, Orlando, Florida
Thee Doll House, Tampa, Florida
Thee Dollhouse, Manhattan, New York
Thee Dollhouse, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
Thee Dollhouse, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Thee Dollhouse, Raleigh, North Carolina
Thee Platinum Club, East Haven, Connecticut
Thee Playhouse, Hickory, North Carolina
Thee Playhouse, Orlando, Florida
Thee Southern Belle, Charleston, South Carolina
Thirstys Gentlemens Club, Van Nuys, California
Thorobred Lounge, Louisville, Kentucky
Thorobred Lounge II, Louisville, Kentucky
Thorobred Lounge III, Louisville, Kentucky
Thorobred Lounge IV, Louisville, Kentucky
Thorobred Lounge V, Louisville, Kentucky
Thorobred Lounge VI, Louisville, Kentucky
Three Captains House of Seafood, Bladensburg, Maryland
Three plus 1, Brisbane, Queensland
Three Sisters, Portland, Oregon
Thummpers, Lexington, Kentucky
Thumpers, West Chicago, Illinois
Thunder Beach, Miami, Florida
Thunderbird Tavern, Seattle, Washington
Thursdays, Peterborough, Ontario
Tia, Tarapato,
Tiamo, Budapest, Hungary
Tiaras, Nashville, Tennessee
Tic Tac, Bitburg Flugplatz, Germany
Tiffany Royal Club, Pieris, Italy
Tiffanys, Aldershot, United Kingdom
Tiffanys, Aldershot, United Kingdom
Tiffanys, Atlanta, Georgia
Tiffanys, Atlanta, Georgia
Tiffanys, Baltimore, Maryland
Tiffanys, Mount Hawthorn, West Australia
TIFFANYS CABARET, Boynton Beach, Florida
Tiffanys Cabaret, Jackson, Mississippi
Tiffanys Cabaret, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Tiffanys Lounge, Louisville, Kentucky
Tiffanys Strip Tease, Adelaide, South Australia
Tiger Lilys {Closed}, Omaha, Nebraska
Tiger Tail Lounge, Rockford, Illinois
Tigers Den, Binghamton, New York
Tight Ends Exotic Sports Bar, Tampa, Florida
Tiki Cabaret, High Point, North Carolina
Tiki Cabaret, Winston-Salem, North Carolina
Tiki Theatre, Los Angeles, California
Tilbury Inn, Nanticoke, Pennsylvania
Time Out Gentlemens Club, Tyler, Texas
Times Square, Rochester, New York
Timos Chicas, Acapulco,
Tina s House of Angels, St. Petersburg, Florida
Tini Bikini, Grand Rapids, Michigan
Tio Sam, San Salvador,
Tip Top Gentlemens Club, Eureka, California
Tirra, Lahti, Finland
Tit for Tat, Miami, Florida
Titanic, Nogales,
Titanic, Pomponesco, Italy
Titanic, Rescaldina, Italy
Titanic Club, San Salvador,
Titanium Club, Guatemala City,
Titaniums, Matamoros,
Titillations, Bloomfield, New Jersey
Tivoli, Leipzig, Germany
TJs, Columbia, South Carolina
TJs Lasting Impressions, Newport, Pennsylvania
TJs Lounge, Hattiesburg, Mississippi
TJs Theatre, Stanton, California
TNT Show Bar, Beresford, New Brunswick
TNT Tavern, Clyman, Wisconsin
Tobies Lounge, Jacksonville, North Carolina
Tobys Lounge, Westlake, Louisiana
Toca Da Coruja, Curitiba,
Toit Rouge, Manseau, Quebec
Tokyo Rose, Perth, West Australia
Tom & Joes Inn, McKees Rocks, Pennsylvania
Tom Cats, Croyden, Pennsylvania
Tommys, Portland, Oregon
Tommys Good Times, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Tommys Too, Portland, Oregon
Tonga Club, Beaumont, Texas
Tony Julian Lounge, Detroit, Michigan
Tonys East, Scarborough, Ontario
Tonys Place, Baltimore, Maryland
Tonys Place, Baltimore, Maryland
Too Hot To Handle, Blackpool, United Kingdom
Too Hot to Handle 2, Blackpool, United Kingdom
Tootsies Cabaret, Miami Gardens, Florida
Tootsys, Satellite Beach, Florida
Top Center, Paris, France
Top Hat, Belgium, Illinois
Top Hat, Lethbridge, Alberta
Top Hat Gentlemens Club, Mansfield, Ohio
Top Hat Lounge, Fort Dodge, Iowa
Top Hat Lounge, Manitowoc, Wisconsin
Top Music Hall, Porto SantElpidio, Italy
Top O The Strip, San Antonio, Texas
Top of Gainesville, Gainesville, Georgia
Top of the Town Cabaret, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania
Top Select, Saint Savinien, France
Top Shelf, Chicago, Illinois
Topazzio 90, Milano, Italy
Topeka Sports Cabaret, Topeka, Kansas
Topless, Veracruz,
Toppers, Rochester, New York
Toppers, Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania
Toppers, Yuma, Arizona
Toppers International Showbar, Athens, Georgia
Torch 2 Lounge, Boise, Idaho
Torch Club, Odessa, Texas
Torch Lounge, Coeur D Alene, Idaho
Torch Nampa, Nampa, Idaho
Torch, A Gentlemens Club, Boise, Idaho
Toro Bravo, Cabo San Lucas, Baja California
Toronto Gentlemens Club, Toledo, Ohio
Torpedo, Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Torpedo II, Linden, New Jersey
Torpedos, Bound Brook, New Jersey
Torricella, Spoleto, Italy
Total eXposure, Troy, Ohio
Total X-Perience, Charlotte, North Carolina
Totties, Altrincham, United Kingdom
Totties, Manchester, United Kingdom
Totties Lap Dance Bar, Altrincham, United Kingdom
Touch Me, Veracruz,
Touch of Class, Akron, Ohio
Touch of Class, Charleston, South Carolina
Touch of Class, Crawfordsville, Indiana
Tourist Inn, Hellam, Pennsylvania
Tourist Night Club, Tumon, Guam
Tower Lounge, Holdrege, Nebraska
Town Tavern, Great Falls, Montana
Towne Tap, Irvington, New Jersey
Toy Box, Columbus, Ohio
Toy Box, Panama City, Florida
Toy Box Too, Ozark, Alabama
Toy Boxx Go Go, Linden, New Jersey
Toy Chest Bar & Grill, Dearborn, Michigan
Toys, Gorst, Washington
Traffic Jam, Richmond, Virginia
Traffic Light, Mount Clemens, Michigan
Traffic Light Lounge, Columbus, Georgia
Trails II Mens Club, Salt Lake City, Utah
Tramend Club, Cleveland, Ohio
Trap Lounge, Miami, Florida
Trapeze Club, Atlanta, Georgia
Trapeze II, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida
Trapeze Lounge, Tulsa, Oklahoma
Traumland Verein, Vienna, Austria
Travelodge Niakwa East, Winnipeg, Manitoba
Treasure Chest, Hampton, Virginia
Treasure Dome, Long Branch, New Jersey
Treasures, Houston, Texas
Treasures, Mississauga, Ontario
Treasures Gentlemens Club & Steakhouse, Las Vegas, Nevada
Tree City Bar, Mandan, North Dakota
Tref Point Club, Misano Adriatico, Italy
Tres Jolie, Honolulu, Hawaii
Triple Nickel, Eyers Grove, Pennsylvania
Triple Play, Sarnia, Ontario
Triple Sex, Jonquiere, Quebec
Trixie Delight, Newport, Kentucky
Trixies Gold Room, Louisville, Kentucky
Trixies Knockout Sports Saloon, Louisville, Kentucky
trixx at Platforms Dance Club, Providence, Rhode Island
Trocadero, Torino, Italy
Trocodero, Enschede, Netherlands
Trophy Club, Asheville, North Carolina
Trophy Club, Florence, South Carolina
Trophy Club - Greenville, Greenville, South Carolina
Tropicabana, Louisville, Kentucky
Tropical Beauties, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
Tropical Club, Los Angeles, California
Tropical Lei, Upland, California
Tropicaliente, Curitiba,
Tropicana, Reynosa,
Tropicana Cabaret, Havana,
Tropicana Club, Massa Finalese, Italy
Tropicana Palace Bar, Paterson, New Jersey
Tropics Club, Hempstead, New York
Trudys, Huntsville, Alabama
Trumpps, Detroit, Michigan
Ts & As, Poughkeepsie, New York
Ts Cabaret, San Jose, California
Ts Cocktail Lounge, West Palm beach, Florida
Tuareg, Fossanova San Marco, Italy
Tuca Tuca, Lodi, Italy
Tucson Saloon, Fusignano, Italy
Tulipan Tavern, Trenton, New Jersey
Tulipano Blu, Riva Del Garda, Italy
Tumble Inn - Closed, included for reference, Powder River, Wyoming
Tunas Bar, Eveleth, Minnesota
Tunnel of Love, West Babylon, New York
Tunnel of Love Video Store, Ronkonkoma, New York
Turf Hotel, Surrey, British Columbia
Turkish Teds, Dublin, Ireland
Turtle Creek Club, San Antonio, Texas
Tusks, Southampton, United Kingdom
Tut and Shives, Herts, United Kingdom
Tuti Fruti, Riga, Latvia
Tutsy Bar, St. Petersburg, Russia
Tutta Tua Disco Sexy, Porto Recanati, Italy
Tutti Fruti, Thessaloniki, Greece
Tuukri Hostel, Tallinn, Estonia
Tuxedos Show Club Office, Davenport, Iowa
Tuxedos Showclub, East Dubuque, Illinois
TVO Erotic Club, Monterrey,
Twenty Showgirls {20 Showgirls}, Cabo San Lucas, Baja California
Twiggys Lounge, Greensboro, North Carolina
Twilights Cabaret Club, Pocola, Oklahoma
Twin Peaks, Columbia, South Carolina
Twin Peeks, Charlotte, North Carolina
Twins Peaks, Sydney, New South Wales
Twins Plus Lounge, South Hackensack, New Jersey
Two Minnies, Waco, Texas
Two OClock Club, Baltimore, Maryland
Two Stars Club, Lima,
Tycoons, Detroit, Michigan
Tycoons, Hammonton, New Jersey
Tyndall Motor Inn, Tyndall, Monitoba
Tzers, Binghamton, New York
Tzers, Chesapeake, Virginia
Tzers, Norfolk, Virginia

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