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Cabana 89, Elizabeth, New Jersey
Cabaret, Brooklyn, New York
Cabaret, Eatontown, New Jersey
Cabaret, Kingston, Pennsylvania
Cabaret, St. Robert, Missouri
Cabaret Brazil Tropical, Paris, France
Cabaret Canada, Ottawa, Ontario
Cabaret Carol, St. Foy, Quebec
Cabaret Chez Doric, Longueuil, Quebec
Cabaret Chez Mado, Montreal, Quebec
Cabaret Chez Mado, Montreal=Nord, Quebec
Cabaret Chez Maurice, Montreal, Quebec
Cabaret Chic, Montreal, Quebec
Cabaret Club, El Paso, Texas
Cabaret Crazy Horse Saloon, Paris, France
Cabaret Dolce Vita, München, Germany
Cabaret Entre-nous, Val-Belair, Quebec
Cabaret Europe, Luxembourg, Luxembourg
Cabaret Figaro, St Eustache, Quebec
Cabaret Folies Montparnasse, Paris, France
Cabaret Go-Go, Paterson, New Jersey
Cabaret Internationale, Casselberry, Florida
Cabaret Internationale - South, Orlando, Florida
Cabaret J.R., Jonquiere, Quebec
Cabaret la Folie des Latins, Bordeaux, France
Cabaret la Veilleuse, Beziers, France
Cabaret Le Central, Paris, France
Cabaret le Chapeau Claque, Lyon, France
Cabaret Le Cotton Bleu, Lorient, France
Cabaret le Distingo, Lyon, France
Cabaret Le Folichon, Ancienne Lorette, Quebec
Cabaret le Galaxy, Tallinn, Estonia
Cabaret le Lido, Paris, France
Cabaret le Moulin Rouge, Paris, France
Cabaret le New Paradiso, Lyon, France
Cabaret le Palladium, Metz, France
Cabaret le Pignon Vert, Thetford Mines, Quebec
Cabaret Le Pink, Aylmer, Quebec
Cabaret Le Plaisir, Paris, France
Cabaret le Playsir, St. Jerome, Quebec
Cabaret le Rio, Metz, France
Cabaret le Shinx, Aix les Bains, France
Cabaret Les Amazones, Montreal, Quebec
Cabaret L'Extase, St. Romuald, Quebec
Cabaret Lounge, Peabody, Massachusetts
Cabaret Magic, Paris, France
Cabaret Michou, Paris, France
Cabaret Mitzy, Bordeaux, France
Cabaret Moldova, Bucharest, Romania
Cabaret New Monocle, Paris, France
Cabaret Night Bar, Kiev, Ukraine
Cabaret of Corpus Christi, Corpus Christi, Texas
Cabaret of Devils, London, United Kingdom
Cabaret Ranch, Jacksonville, Texas
Cabaret Ranch, Nacogdoches, Texas
Cabaret Raspoutine, Paris, France
Cabaret Royal, Mexico City,
Cabaret Royale, Dallas, Texas
Cabaret Royale, Durham, North Carolina
CABARET ROYALE, Manhattan, New York
Cabaret Royale, Miami, Florida
Cabaret Sex Appeal, Montreal, Quebec
Cabaret Showgirls, Laval, Quebec
Cabaret Taboo, Gatineau, Quebec
Cabaret Teazers, Montreal, Quebec
Cabaret USA, Topeka, Kansas
Cabaret Winks, Stuttgart, Germany
Cabaret, The, Wilmington, California
Caberet Astor, Brussels, Belgium
Cabral, São Paulo,
Cactus County Cabaret, Eufaula, Oklahoma
Cactus Jacks, White River Junction, Vermont
Cadallic Lounge, Providence, Rhode Island
Caddy Shack (in the Haney Hotel), Maple Ridge, British Columbia
Caddys, Scarborough, Ontario
Cadillac Alley, State College, Pennsylvania
Cadillac Carls Cabaret, Milroy, Pennsylvania
Cadillac Topless Show, Foiano Della Chiana, Italy
Cadillacs, Mexico City, 52-5-531-9869
Caesars Club, Torviscosa, Italy
Caesars Gentlemens Club, Tampa, Florida
Caesars Girls Girls, Kingston,
Caesars Showbar, Toledo, Ohio
Café 17, Virginia Beach, Virginia
Café Cleopatra, Montreal, Quebec
Cafe Erotica, Byron, Georgia
Cafe Erotica, St. Augustine, Florida
Café Internationale (Foxy Playground), Washington, District_of_Columbia
Cafe of Erotica, Anniston, Alabama
Café Paris Night Club, São Paulo,
Cafe Remy (For Ladies Only), Mamhattan, New York
Cafe Risque, Darien, Georgia
Cafe Risque, Dunn, North Carolina
Cafe Risque, Lavonia, Georgia
Cafe Risque, Micanopy, Florida
Cafe Risque, St. Albans, West Virginia
Cafe Royale, Farmingdale, New York
Café Teatro Paris, Natal,
Cagneys Pub Show Club, Fort Wayne, Indiana
Cajun Club, Houlton, Wisconsin
Calander Girls, Hudson, Florida
Caleche, Porto Alegre,
Calendar Girls, Orlando, Florida
Calender Girls, Christchurch,
Cali Pachangnon, San Salvador,
California, London, United Kingdom
California, North Woolwich, United Kingdom
California Club, Roma, Italy
California Club @ Grant Motor Inn, Winnepeg, Manitoba
California Girls Gentlemens Club, Anaheim, California
California Girls Gentlemens Club, Fullerton, California
California Girls Nightclub, Santa Ana, California
Caligula, Kastoria, Greece
Caligula XXI, Dallas, Texas
Caligula XXI, Houston, Texas
Calipso, Trento, Italy
Calipso Club, Brescia, Italy
Call of the Wild Nightclub, Poplar Bluff, Missouri
Cally, São Paulo,
Calyptus Club, Nantes, France
Camel Club, Lima,
Camelot East, Lexington, Kentucky
Camelot Gentlemens Kingdom, Universal City, Texas
Camelot Lounge, Trenton, New Jersey
Camelot Nite-Club, Washington, District_of_Columbia
Camelot Show Lounge, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Camelot West, Lexington, Kentucky
Camichin III, Brownsville, Texas
Camp House Sports Bar, Toomsboro, Georgia
Camp Store Bar & Pizza, Little Falls, Minnesota
Campus (Gay), Montreal, Quebec
Campus Threatre, San Francisco, California
Can Can Bar, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Can Can Cabaret, New Orleans, Louisiana
Can Can Night Club, Uruapan,
Canadas Hot Shots (Male), Gatineau, Quebec
Can-Can Room, Las Vegas, Nevada
Candid Club Theatre, Sunnyvale, California
Candies, Mayaguez, Puerto Rico
Candlelight Club, El Paso, Texas
Candlelite Inn, Port Allen, Louisiana
Candle-Lite Lounge, Virginia Beach, Virginia
Candlewood Inn, Flushing, New York
Candy Bar, Long Island City, New York
Candy Bar, Richmond, Virginia
Candy Cat #1, Chatsworth, California
Candy Cat Too, Canoga Park, California
Candy Club, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Candy Club, New Orleans, Louisiana
Candy Store, Columbus, Ohio
Candy Store, Mobile, Alabama
Candy Store, Portland, Oregon
Candy Store Show Lounge, Phoenix, Arizona
Candy Store, The, Tucson, Arizona
Candyland Express, Fort Worth, Texas
Candys, Queenstown,
Cannon Balls, Great Meadows, New Jersey
Cannonball Cabaret, Brampton, Ontario
Cantina Cazador, Cottonwood, Arizona
Canton Inn Gentlemens Club, Seaford, Delaware
Caparells, South Bend, Indiana
Capital, São Paulo,
Capital Exotic Nightclub, Fyshwick, New South Wales
Capital Hideaway Gentlemens Club, Wynantskill, New York
Capitol City Gold Dust, Charleston, West Virginia
Capri, Elizabeth, New Jersey
Caprice, Follonica, Italy
Caprice, Viareggio, Italy
Caprice De La Nuit, Treviso, Italy
Capricho, Guatemala City,
Captain Creams Showgirl Cabaret, Lake Forest, California
Caravan Lounge, Binghamton, New York
Caribbean, Tijuana, Baja California
Caribbean Club, Ocho Rios, Jamaica
Caribbean Girls, Guatemala City,
Caribbean Girls, Guatemala City,
Caribbean Isle, Port of Spain, Trinidad
Caribe, Tacna,
Caribe Disco Bar, Gambolò, Italy
Caribe Shows, São Paulo,
Carillon, Gubbio, Italy
Carillon Club, Trieste, Italy
Carlos, Guaymas,
Carls Lounge, Stone Park, Illinois
Carlton Club, Antwerp, Belgium
Carmen, Trento, Italy
Carolina Cuties, Atlantic City, New Jersey
Carosello Club, Casalecchio di Reno, Italy
Carousel Club, Charlotte, North Carolina
Carousel Club, Huntington, West Virginia
Carousel Club, Manhattan, New York
Carousel Lounge, Columbus, Georgia
Carousel Lounge, Huntington Station, New York
Carpe Diem, Lyon, France
Carters Mountain Girls Cafe, Tremont, Pennsylvania
Cartoon, Fombio, Italy
Cartouche, Lochristi, Belgium
CARUSOS CELEBRITY ROOM, Chelsea, Massachusetts
Casa Alba, Ramnicu Valcea, Romania
Casa Bianca, Castelletto Ticino, Italy
Casa Blanca, São Paulo,
Casa Blanca @ Caribe International Hotel, Cancun,
Casa de Cueros, Santo Domingo,
Casa Paris, Newark, New Jersey
Casa Rosada, Santo Domingo,
Casa Rosso, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Casa Show Senzala, Natal,
Casa Suzanna, Quito,
Casa Virginia, Cartagena,
Casablanca, Pertegada di Latisana, Italy
Casablanca, Tijauana, Baja California
Casanova, Vienna, Austria
Casbah, New Orleans, Louisiana
Casbah Cabaret, San Francisco, California
Cascabel, Monterrey,
Cashmere Social Club, York, Pennsylvania
Casino, Etobicoke, Ontario
Cassanova, Lima,
Cassidys Polo Club, Amarillo, Texas
Castaway Lounge, Whately, Massachusetts
Castros Bar, Bridgetown,
Cat Daddys Saloon, Urbana, Iowa
Cat Walk, Columbus, Georgia
Cat Walk Club, Brisbane, Quuensland
Cat West Showbar, Oak Grove, Kentucky
Catanga Disco Club, Medellin,
Cats, St. Johns,
Cats Den {?Closed?}, Logan, West Virginia
Cats Meow II/Dreamland, Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Catwalk, New Haven, Connecticut
Catwalk, Tijuana, Baja California
Cave, Chelmsford, United Kingdom
Cave Lounge, Jacksonville, North Carolina
Cave Theater Lounge, Des Moines, Iowa
CC PIN-UPS, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
CCs, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Ceasar Club, San Salvador,
Ceasars, Guatemala City,
Ceasars Cabaret, Wichita Falls, Texas
Ceasers Club, Toronto, Ontario
Ceasers Club (Male Dancers), Toronto, Ontario
Ceasers Gentlemens Club, Odessa, Texas
Cecil Erotic Showroom, Vancouver, British Columbia
Celebrities Café, Haledon, New Jersey
Celebrity Room, Frackville, Pennsylvania
Cellar, Joliet, Illinois
Cellar and Lollypops, Fayetteville, North Carolina
Cellars Lounge, Columbus, Georgia
Cendrillon, Strasbourg, France
Cenerentola, Cologna Veneta, Italy
Centerfold, Jackson, Mississippi
Centerfold, Manhattan, New York
Centerfold Club, St. Petersburg, Florida
Centerfold Lounge, Binghamton, New York
Centerfold Lounge, Fort Wayne, Indiana
Centerfold Lounge, Henderson, Nevada
Centerfold Lounge, Highland Park, Michigan
Centerfold Lounge, Jacksonville, Florida
Centerfold Lounge, Leesville, Louisiana
Centerfold Lounge, Leesville, Louisiana
Centerfold Lounge, Newport, Kentucky
Centerfold Lounge, Orlando, Florida
Centerfold Lounge, Parkersburg, West Virginia
Centerfold Show Club, Denver, Colorado
Centerfolds, Berlin, Connecticut
CENTERFOLDS, Bloomfield, New Jersey
Centerfolds, Boston, Massachusetts
Centerfolds, Chico, California
Centerfolds, Dayton, Ohio
Centerfolds, Gurley, Alabama
Centerfolds, Harvey, Louisiana
Centerfolds, Hot Springs, Arkansas
Centerfolds, Houston, Texas
Centerfolds, Jackson, Mississippi
Centerfolds, Neptune, New Jersey
Centerfolds, Providence, Rhode Island
Centerfolds, San Antonio, Texas
Centerfolds, Springfield, Missouri
Centerfolds, Tampa, Florida
Centerfolds, Thnuder Bay, Ontario
Centerfolds (??male??), Seattle, Washington
Centerfolds @Continental Hotel, Winnipeg, Manitoba
Centerfolds 2000, North Oxford, Massachusetts
Centerfolds Cabaret, Phoenix, Arizona
Centerfolds Cabaret Superior, Superior, Wisconsin
Centerfolds Crystal Palace, Honolulu, Hawaii
Centerfolds Exotic Show Lounge, Green Bay, Wisconsin
Centerfolds II, Worcester, Massachusetts
Centerfolds Intimate Gentlemans Club, Columbus, Ohio
Centerfolds Lounge, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Centerfolds Showbar, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Cento X Cento, San Biagio di San Felice, Italy
Central Chambers, Bristol, United Kingdom
Central Gentlemans Club, Ljubljana, Slovenia
Centre Érotique de Montréal, Montreal, Quebec
Centro Espanol, Miami, Florida
Century Theatre & Lounge, Los Angeles, California
Ceres Exclusive Mens Club, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Chalet Bar, Niagra, Wisconsin
Chameleon, Washington Park, Illinois
Champagne, Irvington, New Jersey
Champagne 2, Roma, Italy
Champion Bar, Laval, Quebec
Chances Are, Lafayette, Indiana
Chances R, Evansville, Indiana
Chandon, Novi Sad, Serbia
Chantilly Lace, Daytona Beach, Florida
Chantilly Lace, Rockford, Illinois
Chapeau Vert Lounge, Detroit, Michigan
Chaplins, London, United Kingdom
Chapter II Lounge, Albuquerque, New Mexico
Charleston Folies, Remich, Luxembourg
Charleswood Hotel, Winnipeg, Manitoba
Charleys Ts, Toronto, Ontario
Charlie, Torino, Italy
Charlie Browns, London, United Kingdom
Charlies, Adelanto, California
Charlies, Los Angeles, California
Charlies Angels, Fairbanks, Alaska
Charlies Angels Inn, Carteret, New Jersey
Charlies Dream Erotic Showbar, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Charlies Go-Go, Birmingham, Alabama
Charlies Pros, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Charlies Tender Trap, Weslaco, Texas
Charlies Topless Angels, Hesperia, California
Chasers, Columbus, Georgia
Chasers, Fullerton, California
Chasers in the Country, Rootstown, Ohio
Chasers Lounge, Scotts Depot, West Virginia
Chasitys Gold Club, Columbia, South Carolina
Chateau - Fantasy BSM private club., North Hollywood, California
Château am Schwanensee, Hannover - Isernhagen, Germany
Château du Grand Vaucroze, Avignon, France
Chatterley, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Cheaters, New Alexandria, Pennsylvania
Cheaters, Providence, Rhode Island
Cheaters Gentlemans Club, Cocoa Beach, Florida
Cheaters Gentlemans Club, Jacksonville, Florida
Checkmate Club, North Little Rock, Arkansas
Checkmates, Adelaide, South Australia
Checkmates Resturaunt, Adelaide, South Australia
Cheek Tavern, Pemberton, New Jersey
Cheeks, Sparrows Point, Maryland
Cheeks Gentlemens Club, Hurley, Wisconsin
Cheeks Gentlemens Club, West Carrollton, Ohio
Cheeks Lounge, Santa Fe, New Mexico
Cheeques, Linden, New Jersey
Cheerleaders, Citrus Heights, California
Cheerleaders, Denver, Colorado
Cheerleaders, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Cheerleaders, San Jose, California
Cheerleaders 2, Gloucester City, New Jersey
Cheers, Grand Junction, Colorado
Cheers at The Northwood Inn, Fort St. John, British Columbia
Cheetah Club, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Cheetah III, Pompano Beach, Florida
Cheetah Lounge, Atlanta, Georgia
Cheetah Lounge II, Huntington, West Virginia
Cheetah Of Sarasota, Sarasota, Florida
Cheetah VIP, Miami, Florida
Cheetahs, Detroit, Michigan
Cheetahs, Hallandale, Florida
Cheetahs, Las Vegas, Nevada
Cheetahs, Norfolk, Virginia
Cheetahs, San Diego, California
Cheetahs, San Juan, Puerto Rico
Cheetahs, West Palm Beach, Florida
Cheetahs of Lansing, Lansing, Michigan
Cheetas, Hollywood, California
Cheetas Cabaret, Kelowna, British Columbia
CHEETERS SHOWBAR, New Brunswick, Ohio
Chelseas, Athens, Georgia
Chelseas of Clemson, Seneca, South Carolina
Cherokee Leisure, Watford, United Kingdom
Cherries, Brooklyn, New York
Cherries, Nogales,
Cherries Lounge, Columbus, Ohio
Cherry Bombs, Harvey, Louisiana
Cherry Club, Melrose Park, Illinois
Cherry Patch Brothel 1, Crystal, Nevada
Cherrys, Jackson, Tennessee
Cherrys, San Pedro Sula,
Cherrys, Sneads Ferry, North Carolina
Chesterfield Cafe, Aliquippa, Pennsylvania
Chesters, Greensboro, North Carolina
Chevelles Gentlemans Club, Baltimore, Maryland
Cheyenne, Manzano, Italy
Cheyenne Gentlemans Club, Sand Springs, Oklahoma
Cheyenne Gentlemens Club, Moffett, Oklahoma
Chez Alex, Luxembourg, Luxembourg
Chez Carlos, St. Quentin, New Brunswick
Chez Cherie, Saint John, New Brunswick
Chez Flo, Brussels, Belgium
Chez Joey, Baltimore, Maryland
Chez Ketas, St. Joseph de Madawaska, New Brunswick
Chez Kimberly, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Chez Moi, Las Vegas, Nevada
Chez Nous, Luxembourg, Luxembourg
Chez Pierres Cabaret, Edmonton, Alberta
Chez Pussycat, Dallas, Texas
Chez Rita, Bromptonville, Quebec
Chez Vous, Cerese di Virgilio, Italy
Chi Chi Lounge, Detroit, Michigan
Chicago, Kiev, Ukraine
Chicago Club, Tijuana, Baja California
Chicas, Acapulco,
Chicas, Puerto Vallarta,
Chicas Bonitas Gentlemans Club, Dallas, Texas
Chicasgirls, Puerto Vallarta,
Chicken Ranch, Toledo, Ohio
Chicote, San Juan, Puerto Rico
Chics, Holly Hill, Florida
Chics & Beer, Rosarito, Baja California
Chics Cabaret, Houston, Texas
Chills-N-Thrills, Ottumwa, Iowa
Chilly Willy, Cancun,
Chippen Dolls, Columbia, South Carolina
Chippendolls Mens Club & SportsBar, Killeen, Texas
Chit Chat Club, Abilene, Texas
Chix, Paducah, Kentucky
Chix on Dix, Detroit, Michigan
Chocolate Bar, Berlin, Germany
Chocolate Chic, Curitiba,
Chocolate City, Killeen, Texas
Choice Gentlemens Club, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Choices Lounge, Chester, West Virginia
Choo Choos, Waldorf, Maryland
Choperia Kalin, Trujillo,
Chris Go-Go, Cambridge, Iowa
Chrissy s Cheetah Lounge, St. Albans, West Virginia
Christies Cabaret, Brunswick, Ohio
Christies Cabaret, Canton, Ohio
Christies Cabaret, Cleveland, Ohio
Christies Cabaret, Greensboro, North Carolina
Christies Cabaret, Memphis, Tennessee
Christies Cabaret, New Cumberland, West Virginia
Christies Cabaret, Phoenix, Arizona
Christies Cabaret, Tempe, Arizona
Christies Cabaret, Youngstown, Ohio
Christies of Nashville, Nashville, Tennessee
Christinas Female Review, Sparrows Point, Maryland
Christys Lingerie, Albany, New York
Chumleys, Huntsville, Ontario
Churchills, London, United Kingdom
Cica Cica Boom, Roma, Italy
Cinch, Denver, Colorado
Cinderellas, Elizabeth, New Jersey
Cinderllas, Jacksonville, Florida
Cindy, Bucharest, Romania
Cine Forum, Paris, France
Cinnamins Secrets, Geismar, Louisiana
Ciquita, Lido delle Nazioni, Italy
Circles, Long Island City, New York
Circus Circus, Casselberry, Florida
Circus Show Bar, Baltimore, Maryland
Circus Tavern, Purfleet, United Kingdom
Circus, Circus, Circus, Hinesville, Georgia
Ciro-Bar, Berlin, Germany
Ciros Place, Albany, New York
City, San Massimo, Italy
City Centre, Brandon, Manitoba
City Club, Levico, Italy
City Heat, Detroit, Michigan
City Lights, Fresno, California
City Lights, Lafayette, Louisiana
City Lights, Yonkers, New York
City Limits, Sacramento, California
City Limits Showgirls, Portland, Oregon
City Scapes Gentlemens Club, Long Island City, New York
City Steam Works, Perth, West Australia
CITYSCAPE, Astoria, New York
Cjatam, Cuneo, Italy
CJs Revenge, Myrtle, Minnesota
Clanceys Go-Go, Norfolk, Virginia
Clancys, Washington, District_of_Columbia
Clancys Pub, Bloomfield, New Jersey
Class Act, Bloomington, Indiana
Class Act, Cannon Falls, Minnesota
Class Act, Tampa, Florida
Class Act, Tampa, Florida
Class Act, West Islip, New York
Classic Cat, Honolulu, Hawaii
Classic Cat Showbar, Nashville, Tennessee
Classic Club (Gay), Rimini, Italy
Classic, The, Dover, Delaware
Classie Lady, Louisville, Kentucky
Classy Chassy, Indianapolis, Indiana
Classy Kats, Savannah, Georgia
Classy Ladies Café, Stratford, Connecticut
Classy Lady, North Hills, California
Claus Drinks, Curitiba,
Clems Sports Bar, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Cleopatra, Nikiea, Greece
Cleopatras, New Haven, Connecticut
Cleopatras, Palmetto, Florida
Cleopatras Revue Bar, Dunedin,
Cleos, Orlando, Florida
Clermont Lounge, Atlanta, Georgia
Clevelands PM, Cleveland, Ohio
Climax One, New Alexandria, Pennsylvania
Clique Club, West Leederville, West Australia
Close Encounters, Negril,
Cloud 9, Abilene, Texas
Cloud 9, Holden, Missouri
Cloud 9 (Cloud Nine), Fayetteville, North Carolina
Cloud 9 Gentlemens Club, Lees Summit, Missouri
Cloud Nine, Flint, Michigan
Cloud Nine, Longview, Texas
Cloud Nine (Cloud 9), Troy, New York
Cloud Nine [Cloud 9], Tulsa, Oklahoma
Cloud Nine Show Bar, Harleysville, Pennsylvania
Clover Tap, Gary, Indiana
Clowns Den, Cheyenne, Wyoming
Club, Tallinn, Estonia
Club 007, Adelaide, South Australia
Club 10 Gentlemens Club, Fort Walton Beach, Florida
Club 1100, Rochester, New York
Club 122, Portland, Oregon
Club 144, Paris, France
Club 1444, Springfield, Oregon
Club 183 bis, Paris, France
Club 205, Portland, Oregon
Club 21, Budapest, Hungary
Club 215 Showgirls, Colton, California
Club 22, Cleveland, Ohio
Club 23, Astoria, New York
Club 23, Luxembourg, Luxembourg
Club 2414, Columbus, Ohio
Club 281 (Male), Montreal, Quebec
Club 2K, Newark, Ohio
Club 35, Fraziers Bottom, West Virginia
Club 35, Fredonia, New York
Club 369, Laval, Quebec
Club 38, La Prairie, Quebec
Club 390, Chicago Heights, Illinois
Club 418, Springfield, Massachusetts
Club 418 II, Springfield, Massachusetts
Club 46, Montescot, France
Club 51 Gentlemens Club, Mary Esther, Florida
Club 515 (Cinco quince), Quito,
Club 516, Old Bridge, New Jersey
Club 54, New Port Richey, Florida
Club 54, Nice, France
Club 54, Piedras Negras,
Club 55, Washington, District_of_Columbia
Club 600, Prague, Czech Republic
Club 61 D-Aylmer, Alymer, Quebec
Club 63, Houlton, Maine
Club 65, Reynosa,
Club 69, Bovisio Masciago, Italy
Club 69 Gentlemens Club, Mission, Texas
Club 7, Brockville, Ontario
Club 75, St. Thomas, Virgin Islands
Club 76 [Club Seventy Six], Austintown, Ohio
Club 77, Eindhoven, Netherlands
Club 77, Gatineau, Quebec
Club 84, Roma, Italy
Club 88, Paris, France
Club 98, Frosinone, Italy
Club 99, Enschede, Netherlands
Club 99 Nightclub, Timisoara, Romania
Club A, Queens, New York
Club Abyss - All-American Male Revue (Male), Sayreville, New Jersey
Club Alexs, Stoughton, Massachusetts
Club All Out - Closed, Jacksonville, Florida
Club Ante, San Mateo, California
Club Aphrodite, München, Germany
Club Apollon, Prague, Czech Republic
Club Aramis, Salaberry-de-Valleyfield, Quebec
Club Armony, Roma, Italy
Club at Adult World, Syracuse, New York
Club Athara, St. Nazaire, France
Club Athena, Milano, Italy
Club Atlantis, Largo, Florida
Club B.A.S.E., São Paulo,
Club Babylon, West Babylon, New York
Club Bacchus, Wooster, Ohio
Club Bambinas, Bogota,
Club Bijoux, Viareggio, Italy
Club Bodygirl, Berthierville, Quebec
Club Bohem, Reykjavik, Iceland
Club Briston, Sun Prairie, Wisconsin
Club Bunny Girl, Wahiawa, Hawaii
Club By Me, Honolulu, Hawaii
Club Cabaret, Creve Coeur, Illinois
Club Cabos, Portland, Oregon
Club Camalot, Tamuning, Guam
Club Can-Can, Pennsauken, New Jersey
Club Candies, Montreal, Quebec
Club Carnival, Hurley, Wisconsin
Club Casino, Keflavík, Iceland
Club Celeste, Cali,
Club Chablis, Toledo, Ohio
Club Chamanes, San Salvador,
Club Champagne, Charlotte, North Carolina
Club Chantal, Gouda, Netherlands
Club Chase, Louisville, Kentucky
Club Cheetah, Brooklyn, New York
Club Cheetah, Corpus Christi, Texas
Club Cheetah II, Corpus Christi, Texas
Club Cherry, Honolulu, Hawaii
Club Chevelle {Closed}, Baltimore, Maryland
Club Chez Parée, Montreal, Quebec
Club Chicago, Louisville, Kentucky
Club Chit Chat, Buffalo, New York
Club Chois, Vallejo, California
Club Cicciolina, Vantaa, Finland
Club Coco Bongo, Panama City,
Club Coco II, Portland, Oregon
Club Composure, Watford, United Kingdom
Club Cosmos, Maite, Guam
Club Coyty, Junction City, Kansas
Club Creme, Bristol, United Kingdom
Club D Los, Harvey, Illinois
Club Defiance, Defiance Hill,
Club Degli Amici, Valvasone, Italy
Club Demon, Birmingham, United Kingdom
Club Desire, San Antonio, Texas
Club Diamonds, Levittown, Pennsylvania
Club Diamonds, West Palm Beach, Florida
Club Divas, Columbus, Georgia
Club Donna, Passaic, New Jersey
Club Ebony, Jacksonville, North Carolina
Club Ecstasy, Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Club Eighty Eight {Club 88}, Ewingville, New Jersey
Club Ekluziva, Vilnius, Lithuania
Club Electra, Guelph, Ontario
Club Electro, Pearl City, Hawaii
Club Elegance, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Club EMA, Caransebes, Romania
Club Envy {?Closed??}, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Club Eros, Lima,
Club Erotica, McKees Rocks, Pennsylvania
Club Erotica, Paris, Tennessee
Club Erotica II, Belle Vernon, Pennsylvania
Club Escape, Dallas, Texas
Club Estasis, Quito,
Club Estasy, Phoenix, Arizona
Club Exhibé XIB, St. Foy, Quebec
Club Exotica, Houston, Texas
Club Exotica, Macon, Georgia
Club Extase, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Club Extasy, Seattle, Washington
Club Extasy, Temple Hills, Maryland
Club Exxxtasy, Elkins, West Virginia
Club Fantasies, Providence, Rhode Island
Club Fantasy, Birmingham, Alabama
Club Fantasy, Harlingen, Texas
Club Fantasy, Los Angeles, California
Club Fantasy, Mission, Texas
Club Fantasy, North Charleston, South Carolina
Club Fantasy, Sacramento, California
Club Fantasy, Seattle, Washington
Club Fantasy, Winnipeg, Manitoba
Club Femme Erotica, Adelaide, South Australia
Club Femme Nu, Honolulu, Hawaii
Club Flamingo, Hackensack, New Jersey
Club Flamingo, Ybor City, Florida
Club Flirts, Osage Beach, Missouri
Club Foxy, Tumon, Guam
Club Fred, Montoursville, Pennsylvania
Club Fred, Williamsport, Pennsylvania
Club Friction, Markham, Ontario
Club Frontiere, Riviere Beaudette, Quebec
Club Goddess, Palm Bay, Florida
Club Good Times, Columbia, Pennsylvania
Club G-Spot, Tamuning, Guam
Club Harem, Baltimore, Maryland
Club Harem, Winter Park, Florida
Club Heartbreakers, Euless, Texas
Club Hip Hops, Lakeville, Pennsylvania
Club Hipnotiq, Texarkana, Arkansas
Club Hollywood, Jaco Beach,
Club Honeys Cabaret, Miami, Florida
Club Hotel Amour, Sanary, France
Club Hotel Felsenburg Hannover, Hannover - Ronnenberg, Germany
Club House, Dallas, Texas
Club Hubba Hubba, Honolulu, Hawaii
Club Illusions, Cabot, Arkansas
Club Illusions, Nixa, Missouri
Club Imperial, Arnold, Missouri
Club Inferno, Brentwood, New York
Club Inferno, Denver, Colorado
Club J & R, St. Zacharie, France
Club Jackpot, Wahiawa, Hawaii
Club Juana, Casselberry, Florida
Club Kiraly, Budapest, Hungary
Club Koyote, West Terre Haute, Indiana
Club L Entre-Nous, St Hyacinthe, Quebec
Club L Extase (Male), Sherbrooke, Quebec
Club Lace, Louisville, Kentucky
Club Lady Night, Olm, Luxembourg
Club Lapello, Cork, Ireland
Club Lapello, Dublin, Ireland
Club Lapello, Limerick, Ireland
Club Las Palmas, Los Angeles, California
Club Las Vegas, San Salvador,
Club Laura, Prague, Czech Republic
Club Le Elegant, Detroit, Michigan
Club le Landais, Bordeaux, France
Club Le Mirage, Aachen - Brand, Germany
Club le Must, Moulins, France
Club Legacy, Arlington, Texas
Club les Barrys, Hautefort, France
Club Lexibé, Repentigny, Quebec
Club Life, Trinidad, Trinidad
Club LIVE!, Den Haag, Netherlands
Club Lokelani, Honolulu, Hawaii
Club Loto, Prague, Czech Republic
Club Madonna, Miami Beach, Florida
Club Malibu - All-American Male Revue (Male), Waterbury, Connecticut
Club Marujas, Guatemala City,
Club Miami, New Rochelle, New York
Club Michigan, Sheboygan, Wisconsin
Club Millenium {?Closed?}, Meadville, Pennsylvania
Club MinX, Brisbane, Queensland
Club Mirage, Atmere-Haven, Netherlands
Club Mirage, Middletown, Pennsylvania
Club Mirimar, Nuevo Laredo,
Club Moet, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Club Mons Venus, Atlanta, Georgia
Club Motor Oil, Bagnolo Po, Italy
Club No 11, Prague, Czech Republic
Club North 40, East Benton, Pennsylvania
CLub North 40, Scranton, Pennsylvania
Club O, Harvey, illinois
Club Odal, Reykjavik, Iceland
Club Outer Limits, Wilmer, Alabama
Club Oxen, Pescara, Italy
Club Oz, Southgate, California
Club Ozz, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Club Panama, Ciudad Juarez,
Club Paradise, Columbus, Georgia
Club Paradise, Hilton Head Island, South Carolina
Club Paradise, Indianapolis, Indiana
Club Paradise, Kilgore, Texas
Club Paradise, Las Vegas, Nevada
Club Paradise, Middle River, Maryland
Club Paradise, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Club Paradise, Morgantown, West Virginia
Club Paradise, Mortons Gap, Kentucky
Club Paradise, Nortonville, Kentucky
Club Paradise, Portland, Oregon
Club Paradise, Salamanca, New York
Club Paradise, Toronto, Ontario
Club Paradise & Tommee Bs, Valdosta, Georgia
Club Paradise {?Closed?}, Mannington, Kentucky
Club Pearl Ridge, Aiea, Hawaii
Club Peek A Boo, Lake Worth, Florida
Club Penthouse/Altiz, Tijuana, Baja California
Club Pink, Brookfield, Ohio
Club Pink Pussycat, Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Club Pink Pussycat, Miami, Florida
Club Platinum, Las Vegas, Nevada
Club Platinum, Nashville, Tennessee
Club Playboy, Evansville, Indiana
Club Players, San Francisco, California
Club Prive Antinea, Antibes, France
Club Privè Araba Fenice, Roma, Italy
Club Pro, Concord, Ontario
Club Pullman, Nuevo Laredo,
Club Pussycat, Baltimore, Maryland
Club Reserve Tabu, Esch, Luxembourg
Club Rio, Indianapolis, Indiana
Club Rio, Vernon, British Columbia
Club Risque, Bristol, Pennsylvania
Club Risque, Burlington, New Jersey
Club Risque, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Club Ritz, New Orleans, Louisiana
Club Rock-Za, Honolulu, Hawaii
Club ROG, Fremont, Ohio
Club Rolex, Detroit, Michigan
Club Royal, Mexico City,
Club Royale, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Club Sahara, Aiea, Hawaii
Club Sandy, Honolulu, Hawaii
Club Scandals, Egg Harbor City, New Jersey
Club Scandinavia, Helsingør, Denmark
Club Secrets, Columbus, Ohio
Club Seduction, Honolulu, Hawaii
Club Seductions, Asbury Park, New Jersey
Club Sensation, Wichita, Kansas
Club Seven, Budapest, Hungary
Club Sexo 99, Torino, Italy
Club Shakers, La Mott, Iowa
Club Silhouettes, New Haven, Connecticut
Club Sinsation, Dravosburg, Pennsylvania
Club Sneeuwwitje, Roermond ( Linne ), Netherlands
CLUB SOUTHERN BURLESQUE, The, Carrollton, Georgia
Club Southwest, Phoenix, Arizona
Club St Phal, Cagnes Sur Mer, France
Club Stardust, San Salvador,
Club Starzz, Johnston, Rhode Island
Club Strip Search, Honolulu, Hawaii
Club Strip Tease, Honolulu, Hawaii
Club Sun, Honolulu, Hawaii
Club Sundance, Honolulu, Hawaii
Club Super Contact, Montreal, Quebec
Club Super Sexe, Montreal, Quebec
Club Taboo @ Garden City Inn, Winnipeg, Manitoba
Club Tabu, Huntsville, Alabama
Club Teasers, Mahopac, New York
Club Teddy Bear, Daytona Beach, Florida
Club Temptations Showgirls, Riverside, California
Club Tennesse, Inkerman, New Brunswick
Club Tentation, Vicenza, Italy
Club Thai Paradise, Putte, Netherlands
Club Thirty Seven (37), Brooklyn, New York
Club Tijuana, Birmingham, Alabama
Club Topic, Daytona Beach, Florida
Club Tops, Gary, Indiana
Club Tropicana 56, Scranton, Kansas
Club Turbulence, Tucson, Arizona
Club Tuxedos, Johnston, Rhode Island
Club T-Zers, Windsoe, Ontario
Club USA, Tumon, Guam
Club Utopia, Clarksville, Tennessee
Club Velvet, Prague, Czech Republic
Club Venus, Covington, Kentucky
Club Venus, Detroit, Michigan
Club Venus Sports Bar, Martinsburg, West Virginia
Club Verona, Brwster, 10509
Club Victoria, Manteno, Illinois
Club Vienna, Bucharest, Romania
Club VIP, Miami, Florida
Club Vogue, Columbia, Missouri
Club Volcano, Ensley, Alabama
Club Wandas, Montreal, Quebec
Club Wax, Atlanta, Georgia
Club Westerwalder Hof, Wallmerod, Germany
Club Wharehouse, Brooklyn, New York
Club Whiplash, Raleigh, North Carolina
Club Wizzards Lounge, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Club Wyld, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Club X, Adelaide, South Australia
CLUB X, Walsall, United Kingdom
Club XS, Vernon, British Columbia
Club XXXotica, Albany, New York
Club Zanzibar, Bridgetown,
Club Zeus Showclub, Indianapolis, Indiana
Club939, Honolulu, Hawaii
Clubbers, Bridgeview, Illinois
Clube da Coserne, Natal,
Clubhouse, East Moline, Illinois
Clubhouse Cabaret, Amarillo, Texas
Clubhouse, The, Lexington, Kentucky
ClubName, Moscow, Russia
C-Mowes Key Club, Washington Park, Illinois
COACH BOX, Flushing, New York
Cobbs & Bar 63, Adelaide, South Australia
Cobra Bar, Wolverhampton, United Kingdom
Cocacabana Club, Port of Spain, Trinadad
Cockatoo Gentlemens Club, Yankton, South Dakota
Cockpit Lounge - for the ladies, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Cocktail Night Club, São Paulo,
Cocktails & Dreams, Portland, Oregon
Cocktails & Dreams, San Salvador,
Cocktails Lounge, Jacksonville, Florida
Coco beach, Laeken, Belgium
Cocò Dinner Club, Massa Lombarda, Italy
Coconut Grove Gentlemens Club, McIntyre, Pennsylvania
Coconuts Club, Trinidad, Trinidad
Coconutz Gentlemens Club, Atlantic City, New Jersey
Cocos Lounge, Miami, Florida
Cocos Lounge Living On The Edge, Miami, Florida
Coctail Club, Aharnes, Greece
Coctail Club, Axarnes, Greece
Codys Bar, Dallas, South Dakota
Colibri, Hamburg, Germany
Coliseum, Detroit, Michigan
Collar & Cuffs, Morley, West Australia
Colonie Restaurant & Lounge-Demarco, Buffalo, New York
Colorado Bar and Grill, Houston, Texas
Colorados, Monterrey,
Colorados, Nuevo Laredo,
Colorados, Reynosa,
Columbus Solid Gold, Columbus, Ohio
Comfort Zone, Las Vegas, Nevada
Commercial Hotel, Kapuskasing, Ontario
Commotions, La Grange, Georgia
Concepts Showgirls, Lawrenceburg, Indiana
Condill Hotel, Fort St. John, British Columbia
Conga Club, San Salvador,
Connecticut Gentlemans Club, Newington, Connecticut
Connections, San Salvador,
Connoisseur Companions, Perth, West Australia
Conrads 2000, Nottingham, United Kingdom
ConTatto, Oldenico, Italy
Contragolpe Club, Cali,
Cookies Lounge, Martinsburg, West Virginia
Cool, Zrenjanin, Serbia
Cool World, Spartanburg, South Carolina
Copa Cabana, Lawton, Oklahoma
Copa Cabana CLub, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Copa Lounge, Charleston, South Carolina
Copacabana, Lima,
Copacabana, Macchia dIsernia, Italy
Copacabana, Zomergem, Belgium
Copacabana Club, Newark, New Jersey
Copenhagen Night Clubs, Copenhagen, Denmark
Cop-Out, San Diego, California
Coral, Miraflores,
Corner Bar, Boyd, Wisconsin
Corner Bar & Lounge, Marshall, Minnesota
Corporate Retreat, Perth, West Australia
Corrados Club, Brooklyn, New York
Corys Closet, Poestenkill, New York
Cotton Club, Manhattan, New York
Cotton Club, Winterswijk, Netherlands
Cottontail Ranch Brothel, Goldfield, Nevada
Cottontails, Lake Hopatcong, New Jersey
Country Bar, Moscow, Russia
Country Bar & Cabaret, Alpena, South Dakota
Country Club, San Matteo Della Decima, Italy
Country Hoots Sports Club, Parsons, Tennessee
Courtenay (in the New Courtenay House), Courtenay, British Columbia
Cove, Guttenburg, New Jersey
Cover Girls, Detroit, Michigan
Cover Girls, Houston, Texas
Cover Girls, Orlando, Florida
Covergirls Cabaret, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Cowboys, Harvey, Illinois
Cowgirls, Klamath Falls, Oregon
Cowgirls, Roseburg, Oregon
Cowgirls Cabaret, Collierville, Tennessee
Coyote Ugly, Cornwall, Ontario
Coyotes Cabaret, Glendale, Arizona
Cozs 8 Ball Lounge, Cadillac, Michigan
Cozy Cabin Lounge, Flushing, New York
Cozy Details, Raymond, Illinois
Cozzy Restaurant & Lounge, Columbus, Ohio
CR Fannies, Wildwood, New Jersey
CR Fannys, Easton, Pennsylvania
Crabby Kims, Chicago, Illinois
Craken, Prague, Czech Republic
Crazy Bodies, Mexico City,
Crazy Daves Cabaret, Fayetteville, North Carolina
Crazy Girls, Eschweiler, Germany
Crazy Girls, Hollywood, California
Crazy Girls, Orlando, Florida
Crazy Horse, Bronx, New York
Crazy Horse, Clayton, North Carolina
Crazy Horse, Detroit, Michigan
Crazy Horse, Edmonton, Alberta
Crazy Horse, Esch, Luxembourg
Crazy Horse, London, United Kingdom
Crazy Horse, Nashville, Tennessee
Crazy horse, Tumon, Guam
Crazy Horse, Wilmington, North Carolina
Crazy Horse Cabaret, Port Allen, Louisiana
Crazy Horse Club, Springfield, Missouri
Crazy Horse Gentlemens Club, New Brighton, Pennsylvania
Crazy Horse Mens Club, Bedford Heights, Ohio
Crazy Horse Revue, Adelaide, South Australia
Crazy Horse Saloon, Anchorage, Alaska
Crazy Horse Saloon, Atlanta, Georgia
Crazy Horse Saloon, North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
Crazy Horse Saloon ?Closed?, Winston-Salem, North Carolina
Crazy Horse Saloon Too, Anchorage, Alaska
Crazy Horse Show Club, Charlotte, North Carolina
Crazy Horse Theatre, San Francisco, California
Crazy Horse Too, Manhattan, New York
Crazy Horse Too, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Crazy Horse Too, Pompano Beach, Florida
Crazy Horse Too Gentlemens Club, Las Vegas, Nevada
Crazy Lady, Austin, Texas
Crazy Lady, Ciudad Acuna,
Crazy Life, Castello di Godego, Italy
Crazy Love Club, Laigueglia, Italy
Crazy Rock Lounge, Romeoville, Illinois
Crazy Russian, Rosedale, Maryland
Creekside Cabaret, Colmar, Pennsylvania
Cricket Lounge, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Cristal, Sottomarina di Chioggia, Italy
Cristal Fashion Club, Villafranca (VR), Italy
Cross Overs, Barrie, Ontatio
Crossroads, Moshannon, Pennsylvania
Crossroads, Prattville, Alabama
Crossroads Bar, Rapid City, Michigan
Crossroads Café, North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
Crossroads Showbar, Atlantic Beach, Florida
Cruisin Chubbys, Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin
Crystal Bikini Club, Brooklyn, New York
Crystal Cabaret, Orlando, Florida
Crystal Cafe, Farmingdale, New York
Crystal City Restaurant, Arlington, Virginia
Crystal Palace, Beckley, West Virginia
Crystal Palace, Corpus Christi, Texas
Crystal Palace, Worcester, Massachusetts
Crystal Palace Cabaret, East Saint Louis, Illinois
Crystal Pistol, Amarillo, Texas
Crystal Pistol, Dallas, Texas
Crystals Showgirls, North Palm Beach, Florida
Cuba, Luxembourg, Luxembourg
Culinary Cafe, Berlin, Connecticut
Cupido, Spina Desco, Italy
Cupidon, Le Thor, France
Cupids (Male Dancers), West Palm Beach, Florida
Curry Hotel, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Currys, Santa Cruz,
Curtis Gordon Motor Hotel, Winnipeg, Manitoba
Curtnicks Tavern, Paterson, New Jersey
Curve, The, Panama City, Florida
Curves, Staten Island, New York
Curves Cabaret, Tucson, Arizona
Custom House, Baltimore, Maryland
Cyber, Putignano, Italy
Cypress Lounge, Marietta, Georgia
Cystal Palace, Atlanta, Georgia

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